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Map of the Beaches in Pays Royannais | Naturist Beaches

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Our Beaches

The Charente Maritime has 104 km of coastline and there are more than 34 beaches. The most popular are on the islands of Ré and Oléron, but above all from Ronce Les Bains to Royan, in Pays Royannais.

Ronce Les Bains - La Tremblade is more than 20 km of fine sand. They each have their own charm and diversity. Some will have a family vocation, with children, between swimming and sandcastles, others will see the practice of "zen attitude", between idleness and tanning with moderation or protection, others will attract more lovers of wide open spaces, between walks and thrills. From Cèpe beach to La Coubre lighthouse beach, there is no doubt that each of you will find your favorite beach, and why not venture beyond the lighthouse...

List of beaches in the town of Ronce Les Bains - La Tremblade.

  • Mus de Loup Beach
  • La Cepe Beach
  • Galon d'Or Beach
  • Embellished Beach
  • Spanish Point Beach
  • Wild Coast Beach
  • La Bouverie Beach
  • Old Lighthouse Beach
  • La Coubre Lighthouse Beach


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The Beach Guide

Best practices for swimming safely

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The Map of the Beaches

Map of the beaches in the municipality of Ronce Les Bains - La Tremblade

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