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Why such a name?

There would be 3 hypotheses for the expression of the place called "Le Mus de Loup". I submit them to you all 3 and you will discover at the following track and in my humble opinion the most credible or plausible.

  • The first would be that the profile of the coast would look like a wolf's muzzle (see photo in the Unusual section).
  • The second would be that the word "Mus" would be the deformation of the word mat in old French, meaning "Refuge" and that "Loup" would be the deformation of "L'eau". Colbert once wanted to set up shipyards there to repair the damaged vessels of the French royal fleet.
  • The third hypothesis would be that in old French "le mus de loup" would be the deformation of an expression resulting in "narrow passage of water".

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